Our phlebotomy program will prepare you for the rewarding career of Phlebotomy!


Why choose Phlebotomy Training Academy

Flexible schedules – Recognizing the needs of our students, our program offers flexibility in terms of schedules. Whether you are a full-time student or balancing work and family commitments, we strive to make our program accessible to all.

Experienced phlebotomy instructors – Our instructors are state approved and have many years of experience in all areas of the phlebotomy field.

Hands-On Training – We believe in learning by doing. Our program provides ample hands-on training opportunities, allowing students to practice and master phlebotomy techniques in a controlled and supportive environment. Unlimited venipuncture training. Students are able to continue developing their skills at no additional cost.

Students can continue phlebotomy practice and learning even after finishing the program.

Clinical rotations and real-world experience – 40-hour externship at a clinical location

Career Support and Placement Services – We go beyond education; we are committed to our students’ success in the workforce. Our career support services include resume building and interview preparation.

Positive Learning Environment – Beyond the classroom, our program fosters a positive and supportive learning environment. Collaboration among students, open communication with instructors, and a sense of community contribute to a rewarding educational experience.

Flexible payment plans

What our Student Says About Us

Great teaching and lots of hands on practice. I love that we as students can return and practice as much as we would like after the class has ended.
~ Kristeen E.

I really enjoyed the program with Phlebotomy Training Academy. Very organized and taught me everything I need to know to pass the National Exam and achieve my California license. I felt like they really cared about my development and success.

~ Amanda R.

10/10 would recommend. They are easy to work and they take time with their students for focused phlebotomy training.

~ Benjamin G.

Phlebotomy Program Overview

1. Complete 40 hours of didactic training. This includes lecture and hands on training

2. Pass the Certified Phlebotomy Exam

3. Complete 40 hours of clinical training

4. Apply for California State Phlebotomy License